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Private Lessons

I take a small number of students. Before you undertake the study of music, you have to understand that neither I nor anyone else can make it happen for you. Consistent attendance at lessons and practice and are essential. I do not have time for students who do not practice mindfully, or who miss every other lesson. I truly mean this. If you can get to my studio and you have a situation conducive to music study and we can work out a time slot, you can join my studio. All you need is the ability to listen and work hard and you will succeed. I can teach you piano or voice, and I have taught some folk instruments as well. If you study voice you will typically see big results in a short time. On the other hand piano is a slog....NOT for the faint of heart. If you REALLY want to play it takes years.

My philosophy of teaching is that students should really know what they are playing. Too much music education relies on being able to read notes on a page, but I like to enable people to "speak" musically, using a vocabulary that I show them. Reading music is important and good but, as in language skills, speaking should come before reading.

I have recently started offering skype lessons for adults who can not come to my studio. I have some concerns how well it would work for children, but it might work for the right child.

Contact me with inquiries regarding lessons.